June 2016: Finish in sight: The last semester


The second semester has flown past in absolutely no time at all and with the second semester exams just over, the end seems to be in sight but there is still a long way to go. The third semester classes are underway for us but for most other courses, the classes are finished and they are just left with their dissertation.

MSc Management in its final semester, unlike other courses, does not have a dissertation and this is what makes it so different and unique. The semester consists of three units: Trends in Global Business and Management, Research Skills for Business and Management and the Business Research Project. All the three units focus on the recent developments in the corporate world and the assessments are a blend of individual and group work. Additionally, they complement each other making the final project all the more interesting.

The area of my business research is the fast fashion industry with focus on employment protection and the changes in the fashion industry (if any) post the catastrophic incident that occurred in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh in April 2013. The unit on global trends in business and management focuses on financialisation and is a good starting point for those interested in macroeconomics. The course includes a series of lectures from experts not just within the University but from other universities and from the industry as well.

Having studied the different functions of business like accounting, marketing, strategy, human resource management and organisational psychology in the previous semesters, the final semester is about making use of those concepts, along with the ones taught in this semester, to critically question the status quo and analyse how things can be improved and how a difference can be made to society.

I would reiterate that the course does not require any prerequisite and students from a wide range of disciplines have been attending the course over the years and this year is no exception. However, if any sort of preparation before arriving here would make you feel comfortable, you could consider reading about the scientific management movement started by Frederick W Taylor and Henry Ford and the human relations movement started by Elton Mayo. This will give you an understanding of how our approach to management has changed over the years and how it all started.

That was all about the course and my next blog is going to focus primarily on some last minute advice (from my personal experience) for international students.

To all the students coming in September, I hope the preparations are in full swing. This is the penultimate blog from me as a part of this series of blogs. I hope my blogs have given you a better understanding of not just the course but also the student life at the University. I have been selected as a student ambassador to welcome you all in September and I am eagerly looking forward to it.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries.

Until next month, goodbye!



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