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It’s a very busy time at the moment – exams are coming up, final assignments must be handed in and it is time to start data collection for my dissertation research!


It’s that time of year when things are getting serious, and people keep asking me what I’m doing next year. As of yet, I’m still not sure, but that’s normal as no one in our course appears to have concrete plans yet.

More and more opportunities are opening up though and I would advise anyone who wants a career in organisational psychology to keep their eyes peeled at all times. The British Psychological Society and Association for Business Psychology websites are great resources. I have applied for several positions that I found on those pages, and am currently in the selection process for a few.

In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to increase my employability – gaining experience, building on skills and working on my CV and cover letter. Alliance MBS has its own careers service separate to the general one for the University and they have been enormously helpful, I would advise anybody to set up a 1 to 1 with them if you need any advice.

Also, see the process of applying for jobs as a learning experience, even if you’re not immediately successful. I recently got to travel to London all expenses paid for an interview. I was especially excited about this because I travelled through King’s Cross and got to see Platform 93⁄4.


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In Organisational and Business Psychology we’ve been extremely lucky to have very helpful lecturers who want us to do our best, and consequently have given us a lot of guidance about what to expect in terms of exam questions, and how to prepare answers that will achieve high marks.

A lot of offer holders and applicants have expressed concern to me about the quite large proportion of exam based assessment in this MSc, so I felt it was important to mention that the exams here aren’t something to be frightened of! In fact, a lot of the people in my class have told me they have found they have achieved better grades in exams than from coursework.

Still though, it’s a stressful time and it’s definitely taking a toll on my flatmates, who have taken to expressing their angst through fridge magnets.


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Summer Plans

Of course, an MSc lasts a full calendar year so that means we don’t have summer holidays as such, but with no lectures there is a lot more flexibility. I have a few really exciting things lined up – a research trip abroad, a conference presentation in York, a trip to Glasgow to see a friend from home who is also studying in the UK and of course at least one visit home to see my friends and family.


Bye for now, and good luck to anyone who is also doing exams this month. We can do it! Almost there!



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