January 2017: Second semester


And we have stepped into 2017.

An eventful first semester comes to an end with Semester one exams scheduled in the coming weeks.

Most of my modules had their coursework deadlines in December so now I have three written exams well-spaced out over the two weeks. Closer to the day of my exams, I do feel that I have less time, but when I look at my friends writing 3 exams in a row, I thank God. However, if you feel that something has, or might affect your performance negatively, you might consider applying for mitigating circumstances as they review your results with special consideration.

Everyone has their own method of revision and practice. From merely reading the lecture slides and notes, hearing podcasts, making post-it size notes to stick them all over your room, accompanying your lessons with loud music on your headphone in AGLC (which is probably getting to the person next to you), moving up and down the stairs reading out loud, sitting at odd places in odder postures, studying for 30 minutes and rewarding yourself with a 60 minutes break or whatever it might be. Stick to the one that helps you get the material across into your brain. A tip that my accountancy professor shared last class can be used when unsure about what to expect in the paper. Do read the ‘Learning Objectives’ that are mentioned in the course outline. Usually question papers are designed to test if students have met the learning objectives and can display their knowledge of the same.

My schedule during this month has boiled down to staring into my laptop screen for hours and hours incessantly. When I stumbled upon the ‘De-Stress Sporticipate’ timetable for this month, I was amazed to see the variety in classes ranging from Zumba, Aerobics, Cardioblast, Yoga to name a few. After much self-talk, I convinced myself to attend one of the morning yoga session. More than the Yoga, getting up for a class at 8.30am was hard!  Mr.Harvey’s yoga session started off with breathing exercises followed by different physical postures focused at stretching different muscle groups. During the class at a point I was reminded of my inflexibility but at the same time, I was motivated to work on it. I am not sure if it was just the placebo effect, but I felt so much better about my day and found it more productive than usual. Prior to the yoga class I felt, it would be wiser to spend that one hour finishing a lecture, or maybe taking a break watching an episode online, but following the class, I felt it was a much healthy break.


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