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I have been looking forward to my graduation ceremony with the University of Manchester more and more as my 3rd and final year approached to an end. I truly believed that the experience would be like what I saw in movies at a really young age and as a matter of fact, it was.

From beginning to end, the day went by smoothly, starting with all students putting on their robes and lining up to enter Whitworth Hall. The ceremony was sumptuous and unique in the sense that together with my classmates, we all felt empowered by the speech given by Professor Fiona Devine and Professor Sharon Clarke who presented us with our degree certificates and encouraged us to embark on our new journey.

Before I knew it, all of us were taking pictures outside the Whitworth building with friends and family. After the ceremony we had then been invited to a drinks reception in the Alliance MBS East building. It was here that I had the opportunity to join the staff members, including professors and lecturers who had largely contributed to my success so far throughout university life.

On the day of the ceremony, I felt excited not only because I was to be offered an honours degree in International Business, Finance and Economics, but also because I was the valedictorian in my course and in top 0.5% students across the whole university. Thus, I was also awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award which I received together with the diploma. Moreover, my performance was also recognised at the AMBS reception together with that of a few other graduates. I think these achievements were the highlight of my summer as I saw that all my hard work throughout university was finally worth the effort and not only at a faculty level but also at a university level.

I am very grateful for the opportunities offered by the AMBS in the past three years, from career advice and drop in clinic sessions with various multinational companies, to the fact that I actually had the chance to contribute to the Undergraduate Blog and work as a Student Ambassador from time to time. I also enjoyed the diversity at AMBS: as a last note, the University and more so, the faculty, knows how to make everyone feel included and part of a large united family. I believe this coupled with great quality of teaching make AMBS such a distinctive business school.

Last but not least, I would like to mention how much of a difference it made to have family, friends and staff members support me all the way through my studies and even more, to be alongside them and share my moments of happiness on graduation day. Whilst I am saddened to leave this one big family, London is only 2 hours away from Manchester and my plan is to keep in touch with all the people who made a difference during my studies and without whom I would not be here today, writing this article.



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