Full-time MBA: The MBA Ball 2016


Sandra Fajardo, Class of 2016 looks back on the 2016 masquerade ball and the class’s MBA journey.

 mba studentIt was the MBA Ball 2015. As I watched the Class of 2015 give their final speeches and hug each other goodbye, a bittersweet feeling came over me: in only one year it would be our turn.

The final year of the MBA goes by so fast: internships abroad, people going on exchange, global electives and study tours, and finally the International Business Project. This is why the MBA ball is so special for each class, as it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate successfully finishing the MBA. And it’s also the last time we will all be together and see some of our friends for many years.

The MBA ball 2016 lived up to its expectations. The organisation team took care of every detail regarding decoration, venue, food and, most importantly, music; to guarantee us the celebration we longed for. It was a night full of entertainment and elegance, with the little social twist of donating raffle and mask sales to a local charity.

During the ball I finally understood the meaning the class awards have to the graduating batch. Beyond who wins each award, making the nominations brought back all of the great moments we’d experienced together for the past 18 months, memories we are sure we will treasure forever. Also, being able to relive the performance of our great band during MBAT brought us back to that moment one year ago, when we still had a long way to go and felt the MBA would never end.

The Alliance MBS MBA is described as a transformative journey, but only now do I truly understand the meaning of those words. We are intellectually transformed with loads of new knowledge; emotionally transformed by becoming more resilient and persevering; personally transformed with personal growth and a big dose of maturity; and culturally transformed thanks to our classmates who showed us that our way is not the only way to do things.

It was the MBA Ball 2016. By 1am the band had stop playing, some people had left and we were being asked to empty the venue. Then I looked around Whitworth Hall and saw my friends, these people who in many different ways made the MBA journey as unique and amazing as it was, and felt incredibly grateful to be part of the MBS MBA Class of 2016.

We did it guys!!!

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