Full-time MBA: The countdown to MBAT has begun!


Stefania Miravelle, Vice President Sport, Class of 2017 looks forward to the annual MBA sports tournament in Paris.

mba student The countdown for MBAT has started. The sports teams are heating up their engines and training hard between UK Consultancy Project interviews and research for the Mergers and Acquisitions Project. Captains are busy selecting the best players for starting teams, while co-organiser David and I have been collecting the final registration documents from participants. Expectations of the event are very high!

The evening parties promise to be epic moments: the elegant opening ceremony; the rock-style battle of the bands on the second night; and the salsa final and Latin party on the last evening. In fact at some point, all the parties will probably turn into a Latin party as usual!


MBAT is definitely not only about sport competitions; it’s about the journey to get there, which brings classmates together and uncovers different aspect of their personalities. For many of us, the MBA is an opportunity to find like-minded friends for life, who you can ring up in ten years’ time and organise a dinner with. To build such relationships, academic classes are not enough and sport is a healthy environment in which to strengthen these bonds.

Also, during the event we will have a huge opportunity to engage with MBAs from all around Europe. There will be more than 2000 students, 23 competitive sports, 17 participating schools and over 350 registered teams. The parties will be the pinnacle of this cultural exchange and unforgettable moments of fun.

The organising team at HEC has been amazing. They have provided us with a tutor who can answer questions in real-time, as well as accommodation, meals, games and parties. They will also provide transport and medical assistance during the event. All expenses can be paid through a prepaid bracelet to accelerate queues at the till, and there is a Whatsapp group to keep school reps updated on the latest news.

Student from the previous class have assured us that MBAT will be one of the most memorable moments of the MBA, and we will do anything possible to make this come true.

Watch this informal video produced by Olga, Class of 2017 to see the class practising for MBAT >>



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