Full-time MBA: The 10 commandments of Alliance MBS


shomayla-aroozWith one semester remaining, Shomayla Arooz, Class of 2017 takes a lighthearted look at what she’s learned on the MBA so far.

You will soon realise that AMBS is a world of its own with a unique character. So from someone who has seen it all, here is a quick guide on how to conduct yourself during this dream:

1. Thou shall criticise the work but not the person
It can be very tempting to criticise, but most people are brilliant and genuinely good; they must be treated with respect both to the face and behind their back. Even if you only intend it to be a bit of fun, don’t do it!

2. Thou shall not take a bigger bite than you can chew
Plenty of competitions will raise their heads up but you do not need to conquer all. Choose a few and do them well.

3. Thou shall have responsible fun
Yes, drinking heavily once in a while is fun but being aware is a better idea. It is advised to have lots of fun on a lot less alcohol – after all, there is no fun in forgetting the best party you had.

4. Thou shall mingle and mix
Because you share a culture, you will be tempted to mainly hang out with people from your own country, but try a little harder and get to know others; very soon they will feel like “your own”.

5. Thou shall not invest in people
Be genuinely interested in people instead of trying to keep in touch just because they may help you in the future. If you do the latter, after a while you will lose your credibility.

6. Thou shall explore
18 months, 18 cities: get your wanderlust going. There is no better way to explore the world than with a bunch of new friends. Go with as many people as you can as true friendships are built during these journeys.

7. Thou shall help and be rewarded for it
In this small AMBS universe, good behaviour and genuineness help you get results. It is amazing to see how karma turns its wheels in the first half of the course, and how that girl or guy who has helped people all along quietly shines.

8. Thou shall not learn everything from everyone
It’s not humanly possible and sifting good advice from bad is itself an art, so master it here. Drown out the useless messages and keep the essential ones.

9. Thou shall not give up
This advice is as old as the world, but do not give up when interviews don’t go your way and full-time jobs are difficult to find. Some people just need a few interviews to crack it, while others get it on the first go, but don’t be disheartened. Go out with your mates, talk and gather courage. You’ll be surprised how willing they are to listen to you and to help.


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