Full-time MBA: MBAT, je t´taime…


Florian Brueckner, Vice President Communications, Full-time MBA Class of 2016

The 2016 MBAs are back from HEC Paris and a weekend full of competitions and social events. MBAT is without doubt one of the highlights of the MBA programme. It is fair to say that you rarely experience team spirit as strong as ours at MBAT. We truly were the ‘purple army‘, fighting a battle for recognition and trophies with 16 first-class business schools from all over Europe.

The levels of professionalism and competitiveness were high in all sports and it seems obvious that all schools, especially the large ones, put a lot of effort into practising and achieving good results.

We participated in all major sports from football (women and men), swimming, poker and cricket to cross country, beach volleyball and basketball. We celebrated great success in badminton, in which we won the silver medal losing only to Cambridge in the final match. The greatest achievement however was our women’s basketball team which won the gold medal, despite having formed the team only one day before the tournament! In many other sports, such as swimming and cricket, we did really well but missed a place on the podium.

The overall winner of this year´s MBAT was London Business School followed by HEC Paris and IE Business School. Though we did not win the spirit award, which was awarded to St. Gallen, we definitely felt like we deserved a trophy for our constant and loud cheering in every sport.

On Friday, the battle of the bands was an incredible experience and full of emotions with everyone screaming for ’Take Away’ from Manchester (the winning band was determined based on the noise level. Manchester got up to 117db and the winning team, London Business School, to 121db). With little practice, we were able to put together a really good show.

On Saturday, despite a really good performance by our Salsa team, the trophy was again awarded to London Business School, a choice which was perceived by many as unjustified.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and no description even comes close to portraying the excitement and fun unless you experience it yourself.


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