Full-time MBA: Manchester MBAs to compete in the Financial Times MBA Challenge


Grace kavanaghGrace Kavanagh, VP External Affairs, Class of 2016

A team of Full-time MBA students from Alliance Manchester Business School will participate in the annual Financial Times (FT) MBA Challenge on 10th March 2016 at the FT’s London headquarters.

The team consists of Christopher Kiff, Govind Mundada, Wilis Arum and Rahul Shah from the class of 2017, as well as me and Mohamed Amar from the class of 2016. Together, we will go head-to-head against MBAs from a number of leading European business schools.

The competition takes the form of a quiz and it will test our knowledge on a wide range of business-related topics, including mergers and acquisitions, international relations and technology. Each team will participate in four competitive rounds, and the top two teams will then go head-to-head in the grand final.

MBA students from Alliance Manchester Business School always look for new challenges and opportunities to leverage their experience and compete on behalf of the school. During the course we frequently study global companies and real-time business case studies, and competitions such as the FT Challenge provide us with a chance to apply the knowledge we’ve learned in the classroom.

Rahul Shah, Class of 2017, comments, “We are excited to compete in the FT MBA Challenge. Representing Alliance MBA is a great responsibility, but we are relishing the challenge. The team has been taking the opportunity to cement our learnings from courses such as mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance, and we are confident we are prepared to do well. We look forward to competing against other top tier business schools from the UK and abroad.”


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