Full-time MBA: Cultural Exchange


One of the great things about studying an MBA is diversity. At Alliance Manchester Business School, over 80% of candidates come from different parts of the world to study and become a competent business person. Their primary objective may be to learn about business principles and seek career options, but why not leverage the diversity to know more about each other’s’ culture? This led me to host a sushi party for the class.


Sushi has now become popular in many countries. It is simple, healthy and comes in several varieties. The aesthetic part of it shows that it is not merely a food but an art form. However, I found the sushi in Manchester to be slightly different from in Japan. So, the idea of offering classmates with an original homemade sushi became a plan.

sushiI am glad that more than 70 students, including their partners, showed up and enjoyed our meal. Sushi requires much preparation including seasoning rice with vinegar, cutting fishes and vegetables, rolling, and styling. It wasn’t an easy task provided the number of guests, but the effort paid off when I saw everyone smile. And this party could not have been done without the support of my Japanese classmates, as well as those who came to make it so exciting. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved.



Lastly, I hope many have become more interested in our culture through this cuisine. Sushi is only one of hundreds of Japanese dishes. I will encourage my classmates to visit Japan one day and enjoy the various kinds of foods that we can offer!

Yutaro Minami (Class of 2017)



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