April 2017: From Product Management to Sales


March has come and gone in a blink and left me with three memorable things: an extraordinary drive and commitment to my work (1), a great time spent in Brussels (2) and a cold (3). While the latter one is understandable (spring fooled me into thinking thinner clothes and fewer layers would be the case – clearly not!), I will go into more details with regards to the first two.

I have greatly enjoyed work this month, my new team is fun to work and spend time with. As this is a sales role rather than a product management one, I have had a great deal of fun learning more about this side of the business and acquiring new skills. Needless to say, what I am doing now, i.e. working on pitches to multinational corporations, is very different from any other working experience I have had so far and hope that the novelty aspect of the job does not disappear any time sooner.

Other than work, I have enjoyed a couple of days with my friends, some of which came down to London to visit and some of which celebrated their birthday. However, the highlight of the month was my trip to Brussels at the initiative of the UK Atlantic Council. I travelled to Brussels together with a few other graduates at work and some other students at University of Oxford. The purpose of the three days spent in the capital of Belgium was to visit the NATO and the SHAPE Headquarters to learn and participate at sessions on the newest challenges and threats of NATO. Of course, I should not forget to add the fun we had during the evenings when we went out, had the best fish and chips (yes, you heard right!) and enjoyed the night life of Brussels.

All in all, the month was a very productive one with one exception: I barely got any study done for the CFA. I really hope April will be slightly different as the CFA exam is only two months away now. Until next time…


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