February 2017: Life in London


It’s been one month since I returned to London from my holiday back home. Time flies indeed. Whilst most students would have gone through exams, I have gone through interviews and other upcoming challenges at work or better said.

First thing first, this month, the graduate development team has started the rotation process which signaled that it was time I looked to other business areas and teams for my next nine months in Barclays. My choice was rather simple, go to corporate banking, the division which targets global corporates in their process of developing and selling products. Easier said than done, though. As part of the selection process, I only got to pick 3 preferences out of 92! Afterwards, I had three interviews within a week too. The final results are communicated beginning of February, in time for me and the other graduates in my cohort to change roles on the 1st March.

In addition, my graduate cohort has been involved throughout this month in one unique challenge: Micro Tyco. After having been split in teams of five, we have been asked to work on an entrepreneurial idea and raise funds for WildHearts to further enable this charity to offer micro loans to African women looking to set up their business ideas. Running a “business” on the side is not an easy job but definitely something engaging and rewarding.

I think these are the two things that made January feel a bit more special. Other than work, I spent my weekends with my family or seeing old friends, going to birthday parties, etc. I am missing the city breaks but I have one planned for February so there is always something to look forward to J

Until next time! Have a fantastic and short February.



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