Rare Pink triumphs at national British Jewellery Awards


In just over a year, since being established by graduates from The University of Manchester, online retailer Rare Pink has been awarded Newcomer of the Year at The British Jewellers Association annual awards.

The BJA Awards are designed to flag up all that is most excellent about the UK’s diverse jewellery industry from new talent, design skills and creativity to its capacity to serve its customers whether they be other businesses, on-line jewellery buyers or consumer on the high street.

Rare Pink, was established in October 2013 as an online retailer of British-made, custom-designed engagement rings and jewellery.

One of the founders, Nikolay Piriankov said: “I can’t believe that just a few years since graduating and starting RarePink.com we have won the best new jeweller award from the British Jewellers Association.

As four of our team members are University of Manchester alumni, I look back to my days in Manchester and am grateful for the opportunity to meet the amazing people that now make up our team.”

The core team of eight are all based in London where all the rings are made, but the company also has offices in New York and Hong Kong. Rare Pink’s business model is to become a leading online retailer offering customers both a high quality British-made product and a premium bespoke service designing its own, unique engagement rings.

Online jewellery is growing faster than any other industry segment and due to advancements in technology such as 3D printing, Rare Pink offers its customers prices as competitive as those of its largest competitors as well as a spectacular bespoke design service.




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