Easter holidays – Full-time MBA goes global


Florian Brueckner, Vice President Communications, Full-time MBA Class of 2016

Despite being MBAs, we sometimes forget that we are all only humans and even the hardest-working and most dedicated students need time to charge their batteries every now and then. So, we were all looking forward to the Easter holidays which promised a week free from assignments and deadlines. Having finished the second term, the Class of 2016 was ready to go and make the most of this opportunity to ‘go global‘. After exam week, everyone was free to travel back to their home countries or explore more of their new home, the UK. With 31 nationalities in the class, for some going home involved travelling as far as India, Peru or Colombia – and up to 20 hours in an airplane – to see loved ones.

Others used the time to explore the UK and Europe, travelling to thrilling places in Turkey, Portugal, Spain, London, Switzerland, Austria, Germany…or simply Yorkshire. Some MBAs chose to visit London with friends and families – a change from the usual networking trips that gave them new perspectives on this wonderful city.

Even if people did not travel far or abroad, there was still much to discover in Manchester – all the things that we had missed in recent months when we mostly got to know Oxford Road and the journey between our apartments and MBS. So, some MBAs took the time to discover interesting spots such as the newly opened Whitworth Art Gallery, the City Library, or some of the many parks in and around the city.

Outstanding final presentations and changes to client reports might have clouded the week for the soon-to-graduate Class of 2015, but they are now relishing post-MBA life after 18 months in Manchester. Hopefully they are looking into a bright future and enjoying the satisfaction of finally mastering this challenging and transformational MBA journey.

Returning recharged with new experiences under our belts, we are now ready to get back to work on the M&A and UK Consultancy Project, which will bring together a lot of what we have learned so far in our MBA journey. For the Class of 2015, it is time to say goodbye. Though, as Elaine Fernley pointed out in her speech at the MBA ball: “you will never fully leave MBS even after you finished the programme.” So, let´s get going.


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