Easter Break in Rimini


As part of Easter break, we spent a whole week in Rimini partying and playing ultimate frisbee on the beach. Ilovetour is a company that organises sports tours and societies/group travels for university students. The most common ones for ultimate frisbee is Saloufest and Festival Italia, in Rimini. As you guessed, it is one week of ultimate frisbee, lots of partying, and generally having a great time. The hotel we stayed in even had its own pool!


The travelling part of the journey however wasn’t the best. Starting at Manchester, we had to meet at 1am in Armitage Sports Centre to go on a 30 hour coach journey, picking up students from other universities on the way like Coventry and Surrey before making our way to Dover and then crossing the English Channel to get to Calais on the Eurotunnel. From Calais, we still have half of our journey left to get to Rimini, crossing a part of France and Switzerland before arriving in Italy. The coach journey is not as bad as it sounds, there are great views especially when you’re passing through Switzerland! Shame I didn’t get any good pictures.


Our first night out in Rimini, with a jungle themed party

The second and third day was mainly spent playing frisbee against other university teams in the day and then going along for the party that they have planned for each night.

Meals there turn out to be affordable and really tasty, just look at the size of this pizza!

rimini pizza

You don’t have to play ultimate frisbee to go on ilovetour, they have sports tours for men’s and women’s football, netball, hockey, beach rugby, cheerleading, volleyball, and more. There’s insurance included as an extra add on option, at just £10 which is definitely worth it. And if you fancy extending your holiday and visiting other parts of the country, they can organise it for you, all you have to do is select your choice of city during your registration. Here are two examples:

ug 5

All in all it was a really good week and most university sports clubs attend it, so definitely go for it when you get the chance. Have a good tour!


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