Easter Break


Hi everyone, it’s March and that means Easter break! However, before the break we had a busy week with 2 presentations and 1 submission. One of the presentations we had was for our auditing module that we have been working on since December last year. The idea of the project was for us to represent an audit firm (that we came up with) and to pitch to be the Co-operative Group’s external auditors. Our lecturers made sure we were well informed by arranging visits to EY and also the Co-operative Group’s head office. We had some ups and downs along the way but at the end of the day we were able to pull through.

business students

Group members of my audit project

In March, I also took over the AMBS undergraduate admission Twitter account for a day! The aim of this was to give current offer holders an idea of what a typical day in university feel like. I was tweeting about lectures, lunches and also activities outside of university.

After the project and our submissions, it marks the beginning of Easter holidays. During the first week of Easter, My friend and I travelled to Munich and to Salzburg. I left Manchester on the 20th of March and returned on the 27th.

Another great thing about studying here in the UK is travelling Europe during the holidays! We stayed in Munich for 4 days and 3 in Salzburg. For the first 3 days in Munich, we spent our time exploring the city by foot, walking from attractions to attractions. Some of the places we visited were Marienplatz, Alter Peter, the Munich Residenz and the art galleries.


We then took a bus to Salzburg, Austria which was only 1 hour 50 minutes away. The movie “The Sound of Music” was filmed in Salzburg. It was small and beautiful town, surrounded by the Austrian Alps and with the Salzach river right in the city centre. Salzburg is also the birthplace of Mozart! The highlight of our Salzburg trip was the spontaneous cable car ride up Untersberg. Salzburg was absolutely stunning and really great for pictures.


We then went back to Munich for a day before we returned to Manchester. On our last day we decided to travel further from the city, we visited the BMW welt, museum and the Allianz Arena, home to Bayern Munich.

bayern munich bayern munich 2

After 7 days, 2 countries, countless train & bus rides, 3 cramped hostels, miles after miles of walking, from splurging on food in fancy restaurants and food markets to having only €5 by the time we reached the airport, I can’t wait for more adventures like this!


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