December 2016: Making time for Uni


I honestly cannot believe it has been 3 months into my placement year already. Time flies by so quickly when you’re busy!

I have gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge within this first three months itself, which I wouldn’t have if I stayed behind in uni and completed my final year. Being thrown into the deep end early into my job was daunting but I have learned a lot from it. Working with PwC, especially in a client front role has helped develop my communication skills.

Last weekend I put my revision time aside (PwC accountancy exams) and decided to spend some time with my university friends. I took part in the Women’s Indoor Regionals ultimate frisbee tournament, where 25 teams from northern universities (Sheffield, Leeds, York, etc.) competed.

Manchester had 2 teams, finishing in 4th and 18th place respectively. Here’s a picture of both our teams together!



The first team qualified for nationals, as teams finishing from 1st to 6th place are given automatic qualification. Nationals are a much tougher level where top teams from all other regions compete with each other. I am proud that we qualified for nationals, this hasn’t happened in 4 years!

Other exciting sports events included a 10K run in Sheffield. We joined the run as a PwC team, with more than 10 of us taking part. Our fastest runner was Matt Richardson who came in 13th place overall with his impressive time of just 36 minutes! I on the other hand took 54 minutes to complete the run, but Sheffield is a very hilly place, so do take that into consideration if you like running (or hate hills) and want to move to Sheffield.


To date we have raised over £2,000 for Support Dogs. The link to the donation page is Donations are accepted until 30 Nov 2016. I would really appreciate if any of you would give the page a quick look, or even check out Support Dogs at


Thank you!


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