December 2016: Christmas is coming


Time flies. I know it is quite often that you hear this but it could not be more true. I am seriously counting the weekends left until Christmas comes and all I worry is that I do not have enough time to do all I have to and want to before leaving back to Romania and reunite with the family. November has been good to me and in the usual style, London kept me busy. That and Stuttgart. But better let me start from the beginning.

At the beginning of the month, I had a reunion with some dear friends of mine as some of them flew to London for Aspire Global Weekend. For those who do not remember me mentioning it, last summer I participated in a leadership summer camp called Aspire Academy. The same Aspire Community has organized this event in London lasting for three days which has given me the opportunity to see many friends and spend some quality time with them.

Next, I kept busy by going to the most famous Nightjar, proclaimed one of the 50 best bars in the world but at the same time, took half a day to visit my cousin and his newly born girl as well. I can say it’s been a month full of diverse things to do and I am seriously grateful for the buzzing feeling that London brings out. But there is more to mention, the Christmas lights have finally been turned on and the Winter Wonderland Christmas Market in Hyde Park is well-worth visiting. I would suggest both the rides but also the ice-skating plus trying out the Bavarian food.

Speaking about Bavarian food, I have also visited Stuttgart and its Xmas markets, wishing to get a taste of a more authentic Christmas experience. The weekend trip has been more than welcome and left me prepared for the next trip to Italy. I think that the disappointing bit has been only the quietness of German cities during Sundays as all stores were closed and so were most pubs/restaurants.

Just so you don’t believe all I have been doing has been only fun, my work at Barclays (though also fun) had been business as usual for the past month. In addition, I have also found that I would be starting the study for a finance qualification in January which only pushes me to enjoy the free time I have left before I end up with no time at all.

I think this pretty much covers my last month of autumn (thought it feels like winter already). I will be back with more news as I have Italy to look forward to and Romania as well for Christmas and NYE. I’ll keep you posted!!

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