December 2016 as a final year student


Yashaswini Agarwal 
BSc Management

As soon as November commenced, so did the extreme cold. Beanies, mufflers and thick gloves were all over the place with some really wet and stormy days. Storm Angus can be blamed.

A final year student has to face this inevitable question, ‘So, what’s the plan?’ My responses are usually like, ‘I might revise the lecture today, and pen down a few words for my essay or so.’

Well, I don’t think anyone asked me about my days plan, they were looking forward to hearing my career plan! To those who have their journeys decided, I wish you all the very best of luck, but to those, who are still finding their feet, you’re privileged cause every step is an adventure. You might not be sure of which way to go, but the multiple doors of opportunities allow you to experiment, grow and take decisions. After all walking on a straight line is never fun, unless you tremble a bit.

This application season I am hunting for graduate jobs. I am not quite sure of what I wish to pursue, however, the hunger for learning and developing new skills attracts me to different opportunities. Usually the process involves 5-6 stages depending on the firm and its evaluation criteria. It involves online application, psychometric tests, telephone interviews, personal interview and assessment centre; following which you are given an offer letter. Each company has its own ways of assessing your capabilities as a prospective candidate.

During this process, I really found the MUTIS Finance Society really helpful. Their Facebook group operates like an exchange platform, where students ask advice for various stages in their application process. As the group is extremely large and diverse, you’re sure to get in touch with someone who has been through those and is in a better position to offer guidance and advice. I really like the promptness, mutual understanding and willingness to offer support to fellow students. You also have the University Careers Service who can be approached for similar assistance.

Ahead of January exams, some of my modules are already wrapping up with revision lectures. Submission deadlines are looming; and the winter break is approaching. The city is in its most festive form. Manchester Switch On followed by the Christmas Markets around Market Street, Exchange Square and Albert Square are the ideal spots to visit.

Alliance MBS Undergrad Ball 2016 is the big upcoming attraction. With limited seats, this is an extremely popular event with all AMBS students. This year, the tickets sold out in a record-breaking 16 minutes!! Tip for next time, be well prepared just like those iPhone queues.

Until next time, wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

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