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I am nearing the end of my placement year (so this is my last blog!) and whilst I am looking forward to a nice long summer break, I will be sad to leave PwC. I’ve got to know lots of great people and have enjoyed getting to know a lot of different clients as well.

I have had a slightly less busy few months since my last blog and have been on a few away jobs which has been nice. I worked on clients in the Lake District, Edinburgh and Watford – that’s been an added bonus of my job- being able to visit places I’d never been before! I’ve been taking on more responsibilities and testing more complex financial statement line items such as inventory and deferred revenue. This has been challenging but it has given me confidence for if I return to my role as an audit associate after finishing Uni (as these are tasks typically carried out by someone in the 2nd year of their training programme).

I’ve also continued to get involved in non-work-related activities at PwC too. I recently took part in a PwC firm wide event called ‘One firm- One day’ which gave everybody the opportunity to spend a day volunteering in the community instead of working at a client. I decided to get involved in helping at a food bank in Liverpool- here I dated the food items and organised the items in to shelves and crates. I really enjoyed helping out with this and would encourage anybody who is doing a placement year next year to try to get involved in as many different activities as possible as it helps you to meet new people and provides a little break from every day work!

My advice for anybody starting a placement year in September would be to be enthusiastic and eager to learn. It will be a little daunting at the beginning as everything is so new and unfamiliar, but all of the other new joiners will be feeling the same and no one will expect you to be an expert so don’t worry! The best thing to do is ask lots of questions, that way you’ll learn much more quickly than by trying to do everything by yourself.

My advice for anybody that is still looking for a placement year is to keep checking company websites over summer even if they have closed applications now- some people will undoubtedly change their mind and drop out (this happened in the Liverpool PwC office) and so firms may re- open their applications and fast track you through the process.

I am looking forward to returning to Uni in September to complete my final year and I am sure that things I have learnt on my placement year will help me out with the modules I pick. I think often it is easier to understand things by actually doing them, as opposed to just learning the theory- and so I hope that drawing upon the experiences I have gained this year will help me achieve good marks. I’ve missed the flexibility of Uni where with the exception of timetabled lectures and seminars, you can decide what hours to work to fit in with your lifestyle. I’ve heard though that most people that return after a placement year continue with their 9-5 working schedule… we’ll see how that goes!

I’m looking forward to being able to see my Uni friends every day again and also meeting new people as I will be joining the year group that started the year after me. I hope everybody has a great summer!

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Hi I’m Lucy and I’ve been studying Accounting for the last 2 years. I’ve just recently begun a placement year at PwC in Liverpool, which is where I am from originally.

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