February 2017: Busy season survival tips



January marks the start of the infamous busy season. I am in the middle of surviving my first ever busy season and would to give some tips to readers who might be interested in applying for placement or graduate jobs in accounting firms.


  1. Prep yourself, and others around you

Going into my first busy season, I’ve heard horror stories of unbelievably long working hours but I have also heard more manageable hours. Ultimately it boils down to the type of client, the team around you, and mainly your attitude. Before January, use the holidays to wind down and to spend as much time as you can with family, friends, and loved ones as come busy season, you will find that free time is very sparse. Also use that time to warn them that you may not always be available for social outings.

Also ensure that you know where you’re meant to be first thing Monday morning back to work after the holiday period!


  1. Keep healthy

Drink water, lots of it. Keep a bottle or glass of water by your side and refill it as many times as you can during the day. This is also a simple trick to ensure you keep your body moving as you will be getting up more frequently to get the drinks round or to use the bathroom. Also try to bring in packed lunches with healthy snacks to fuel yourself throughout the day. Some companies allow employees to expense fruits and healthy snack purchases for the team so do make use of that!

  1. Reach out if you need help

Struggling to keep pace with the rest of the team? Not sure what you’re meant to do? Find the client difficult to talk to? Voice out and let the team know! Often they will be understanding as it is your first busy season and you aren’t as experienced as everyone else in the team. This way someone can help guide you through this learning curve. Don’t be afraid to speak up, even if a question sounds silly in your head, I guarantee someone somewhere has asked worse questions.

  1. Schedule time for yourself/family and friends

Make time in your schedule to take a full day off work. I try to make Sunday’s my day without work. That means not checking your work phone for emails and fully embracing the day by doing what you love. Be it a kickboxing class, a nice solo run out in the morning, circuit class in your local gym,  parkrun, anything as long as it makes you happy! Also try and block out time in your schedule to spend time with family and friends. This helps you keep sane before the start of another busy week and also helps you feel normal for a while.

  1. Have fun

You got this job for a reason, either you’re good at accounting, you enjoy it or had no idea what it was. Irrespective of whatever the reason may be, you’re in it now and you might as well enjoy it (or try to). The more positive you are, the more you’ll enjoy the work you’re doing and the faster time passes! Before you know it, it’s the end of busy season and you’ll be going home at 5pm wondering what to do with a whole evening ahead of you without work. A little positivity goes a long long way. Your team will be grateful for it. Good luck!

Also, here’s a picture of us during the work Christmas party to remind myself of happier times!


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