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Greetings from Nigeria! How you dey? (Translation: How are you? or How is it going?). Notice the change in my English? I am finally home after two years to carry out the data collection process for my research topic. Having not been home for over two years, there is also a lot of catching up to be done. Let us not forget the change of weather as well (haha). In addition, meeting with family is always fun and emotional.


Despite all the fun aspects of travelling, (check out my cheeky selfie with John Barnes at the airport), it is still a dissertation process and work needs to be done.


The dissertation section of the MSc programme marks a pivotal time in the MSc degree process. Not only does it make up one-third of the year’s credits, it marks the final lap of the degree. These are the last couple of months spent with classmates and friends in Manchester, with a feeling of nostalgia that never leaves. September is so close yet so far away. However, without a regimented timetable and classes to attend, we as students are masters of our time management and schedules. Thus, finding the fine balance between effective work and completely slacking off for three months is imperative.

For the past month, most students on the MSc OPSCM course have been working on their literature reviews and methodology sections as they provide the basis for the research process. This is a decisive part of the dissertation process as it forms the foundation on which the success of the project and research is based. This constitutes a lot of library hours, dedicated research and constant perusing of articles. This has not deterred us as group though.

We are constantly soldiering through and finding ways to have fun through meet- ups and constant checks with each other to see how the work is going. Motivation is key as teamwork makes the dream work. However, Pablo’s idea of checks is sending us a nice picture of him chilling by the sea.


Moving on into the data collection stage of the dissertation process, most of the MSc OPSCM students, especially those with qualitative research based topics, are required to gather information. Due to the access most students have in their home countries, there is a lot of travelling involved this month. Like myself, other students have left Manchester to do some research while doing some travelling to meet with family and friends. The beauty of being on such a culturally diverse course is that you get to see the world just by meeting up with your friends in their different countries. Consequently, the dissertation process does not have to be boring and tiring.


Getting through dissertation can be challenging but fun, if we choose to make it so. Thus, pushing ourselves and having a good work-life balance, as I often mention in my posts, is the way to go.

Finally, I would like to say enjoy this time while working hard so we can all have no regrets.  We are almost there. Relax and Happy writing!


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