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Hi everyone! 

 It’s September and that means the start of a new academic year. This year, coming back to Manchester felt very different from the first time but one thing that remained the same was my excitement. I returned to Manchester on the 16th September with my cousins who were visiting the UK for the first time. I had a great time showing them around. 

 I took them around the city centre and visited various points of interests like Old Trafford, Manchester cathedral, Central Library, university campus tour (ambassador training came in really handy here!) etc. We’ve also done a lot (trust me) of eating. 

 They were in Manchester for about 3 days and then went on a road trip to the Lake District, York, Sheffield, Castleton and Cheshire Oaks which are all within driving distance of Manchester. If you guys have family visiting Manchester and would like a copy of our itinerary you could always contact me via social media/email. (@weikacar)  

 I did not join them for the whole road trip as I was involved in Freshers. However, I managed to take a train halfway through their trip and joined them in Sheffield, Castleton and Cheshire Oaks. 

 During freshers week I helped man a booth for the Accounting Society and also Hornet (Hornet are the people who try to help you with internet problems) so I did manage to meet a few first years, answer a few general questions and grab loads of free stuff (including dominos pizzas). On Friday night I went to a party, which was fun as I got to see all my friends again. 

 So after my shifts, I took a train to Sheffield to join my cousin and it was really exciting! I finally got to visit the Peak district, I’ve wanted to do it for so long but it’s rather hard to get there by public transport. We managed to go for a walk around the place and had a bite to eat in Castleton. I really loved the Peak district, it was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was amazing for walking while we were there. Sheffield and Cheshire Oaks were definitely worth a visit as well; my cousins went absolutely crazy with the amount of sales at the shops.

 After the trip my cousin left and it was time to get ready for the start of the term, I unpacked the last of my boxes, bought some stationary and checked my timetable. I also had a pleasant surprise, I was awarded the programme prize 2015/16 for my course! It’s definitely good to be back, I’ve missed Manchester quite a lot during the summer! 




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