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Phew, what a long month it was, definitely happy that it is currently reading week! Classes are in full swing and I have been very busy with university and activities outside of university. One exciting thing that I’ve started doing is Kickboxing every Tuesdays! I’ve always wanted to pick up a different self-defence class after Taekwondo. It is a club in the university and they have trainings every Tuesdays and Thursdays in Sugden sports centre and Trinity sports centre. They have a pay as you go system so it’s a great way to keep fit and meet new people! I definitely suggest you drop by if you’re interested


I have also started my role as PwC’s Campus Ambassador this year and October was campus season. PwC was on our campus for presentations, networking sessions, as well as a coffee cart giving out free coffee! I was also there at their booth during the Big Careers Fair held by our career service on the 18th and 19th of October at the Manchester Central Convention Centre. In between my busy schedule, I managed to squeeze in a short trip to PwC Bristol for a partner interview for my summer internship this June and received great news that I’ve passed and I will be returning to the Bristol office this summer! Definitely a huge weight taken off my shoulders. 


This year I’ve decided that I would like to make an effort to explore Manchester more, therefore a friend and I headed to the Manchester Art Gallery in the city to catch a special exhibition, VOGUE 100: A Century Of Style. The exhibition was really nice and we enjoyed it so much. It was a shame that photography was not allowed inside but i did buy a notebook as a souvenir. At the same time there was an exhibition called Fashion and Freedom going on so we decided we would like to check that out as well. 

 On another weekend, we took a bus to Salford to visit the Imperial War Museum. The museum was really impressive and very educational, we definitely enjoyed our time there! After the museum we decided to get ice cream and explore media city and the Quays. We managed to catch the sunset and it was absolutely beautiful! 




Last but not least, HALLOWEEN!!! A few of my course mates decided to have a pumpkin carving night with some beer, food and a movie. It was really fun but carrying a pumpkin around definitely turned some heads hahaha. This year, I had no idea for my Halloween costumes and I was too lazy to line up at Arndale for one so I improvised and used my Taekwondo Hanbok (hoping no one can tell the difference) and DIY-ed a headband to go as the Karate Kid! I’m pretty pleased with myself with this last minute outfit hahahah! 




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