August 2016: Manchester – one of the great cities in the world!


Walking along Oxford road and into Alliance MBS East for the Open Day back in November 2014 feels like that it was only yesterday. I had an early impression that, if accepted onto the programme, it would be challenging and difficult, yet the most satisfying and rewarding achievement that I would have accomplished thus far.

Living in this great city and country was the utopia – a dream. I was immediately drawn to the Business School’s proud, rich heritage and alumni. Fast forward to July 2016, near the end of the Masters programme, I can say with great thrill and satisfaction that I will always call myself a student at The University of Manchester and Alliance Manchester Business School.

There have been moments of difficulty and uncertainty; whether it was waiting for assignment/ examination results, or watching the dying minutes of a football match… No more Fergie time! Nevertheless, the long and battling hours of attempting to solve case study after case study were a fruitful experience, collaborating carefully with fellow students and sharing each other’s recommendations has been an encounter from which we have all benefited.

Since the so-called UK Summer has arrived, the weather has been parallel to in Melbourne. I have continued to witness four seasons in a day! This great season has brought the opportunity to commence my client-facing project/ research project.  I am working with Evidential, a digital forensics company that provides digital evidence to the criminal and civil sectors. This element of the programme is a great way to put your knowledge and skills to the test and to practise with a company. I am more than fortunate to be having this experience. The Business School is fantastic in providing this opportunity to students and the exceptional Postgraduate Careers Service has worked tirelessly to ensure students gain and benefit as much as they can from this course.

In the previous 12 months, students like me have been in contact with companies such as Ernst and Young, Shell, The Co-Operative Bank and Sony. I want to highlight to readers, that companies will consider you as a prospective employee as you’re a student at this leading University. It’s only the first step however, there’s still a journey ahead for many students for applying for jobs.  If this is not your choice of path, the Business School has an excellent reputation for research. Speak to the academics and the (BASM) course’s programme director, he is approachable and very knowledgeable… you may catch him in one of your modules, so say hello!)

I recommend to incoming students to visit the following places in Manchester: John Rylands Library, the Northern Quarter and the Whitworth art gallery… possibly the football clubs too. There are loads of places to visit across Britain from the castles in Edinburgh; Zipworld in Bangor, Wales; the pier in Brighton; Beatlesmania in Liverpool; and to the most dynamic city, London. But very little compares to Manchester, which I am sure that you will agree and fall in love with.

For many of the cohort, when they depart the UK and return to their home country, they will be left with memories of time spent with friends. I will never forget the visit to Brathay in The Lake District for the residential session and how the foundations laid on this overnight trip led to a fantastic year.  The evening of the Horizon Society Ball was a great success, and the girls that organised it (partly I did too) deserve a lot of credit. I recommend many students for next year to get involved with the Horizon Society.

I advise students for the upcoming year, to “Prepare yourself for the unknown, plan for the known and the result is forever what you own”.

In September is the date when many students submit their dissertations. My short-term plans will be to remain in the UK, since I am working on an advisory project with the Commonwealth Youth Council and writing articles for a local media outlet. I am also in the process of interviews and assessment centres for organisations in Australia. There are a couple of companies that are willing to discuss potential opportunities…which I need to wait patiently for. I do realise, coming to this fantastic University, that the future looks bright and that I am ready to switch on the light to discover what the wonderful world has on offer.

In this concluding note, I wish everyone from my fellow students, academics, staff from the Business School and University over the past 12 months all the best in the future, remain in the cause for a greater common purpose and thank you. To the upcoming class of 2016/17, good luck and have fun!

See ya folks!



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