April – count down to graduation


To be honest, the month of April is the month of doing it all and everything. With graduation fast approaching, I could only realise how many things that I have been doing in April would also be the last as I will be graduating this summer.
To give you a first example, I just submitted my last essay to be written for my studies at the University of Manchester: a 7,000 words essay which I felt made use of all my knowledge so far on the business and finance theories I have been studying so far. While it felt scary starting to write it, uploading it was a huge relief. I never really liked essays that much. If they were only about research, it would have been great, but putting it all down in words? I’d rather talk about my ideas than jotting them down.

turnitin receipt

#submitted #essay

Moreover, the month of April marks the end of some of my modules’ lectures. With nostalgia, I felt like this would be the last time I would applaud a lecturer in any of the university’s amphitheatres. Seminars would not be running for a much longer time either. The first days of May will mark the end of my required attendance.
Another thing to mention is my last holiday whilst at university: the 3-week long Easter Holiday has come and gone in a blink. I went back to Romania during the first two weeks of April and celebrated it the best that I could not. Old friends and good humour: that was the recipe and I enjoyed plenty of it.


at a party with my dear friends back home

However, what truly made me realise all of the above was the class photo; that and the fact that I was invited to talk to 1st and 2nd year students about the optional modules they could the following year.
With these in mind, I am waiting for May to come with more from the “last time to be done” category of things and events to occupy my time with. The most important so far: final exams.

Until next month!


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