April 2017: Submission time


Unlike last two years, this year Easter break shifted down to end of March meaning last few weeks of March are going to be ‘Submission Time’! It got a little tricky for me as I had 3 deadlines within a span of 9 days. Might not sound that tough to many, but for me, I was finding it hard to balance my work. With all of them adding up towards my final grade, the pressure to perform well was immense. Two of them comprised group presentations and the third a massive piece of essay. As a successful strategy, it is always advisable to decide the pace of work and self-set targets to monitor progress, be it a group, pair or solo submission.

 Personally, presentations are my favourite over any another form of coursework submission. In one of my recent presentations, I experienced what it feels like to be a seminar/ workshop leader. The task was to host an entire seminar class for 50 minutes, while the professor sat with the students to mark us. It was all about delivering the relevant material, directing the discussion and engaging the attendees. For the first time I got a taste of not just delivering the presentation, but hosting the class. There had to be preparation of the topic in its entirety, knowledge of critical stances, awareness of possible tangents the discussion to go onto, relevance of the topic to the broader business world, an update on most recent developments in that area and an entire ocean of other things. Perhaps, not everything one prepares would be showcased, but being prepared is the key! That one session, taught me more than what I could teach. I realized, it would require way more groundwork to conduct an entire module for a semester. Kudos to our lecturers and seminar leaders!

Having completed majority of my deadlines and submission right before Easter, I am glad that I have my break, for taking a break and focusing on my exams.

 Taking some time off soon after my submissions, I visited the Chester Zoo. Easily reachable within 2 hours by coach, it was a perfect choice for a day’s trip. Trying to cover 125 acres of land in about 6 hours seemed a reasonable aim. However, I forgot to account for the time required to spot the animals in their enclosures, then enthuse over their cuteness and finally the time I would spend actually trying to talk to them!

 AMBS recently held the class photo for the graduating batch, and it was the best thing. We all gathered in the Atrium for an informal group photo. Though not everyone turned up, those who did contributed towards creating a beautiful memory!

 As I can see my degree coming to an end, I realize, “Sometimes you will never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory.”

 Wishing you all a happy Easter.

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