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As you progress through job applications, you will most likely go from application stage to online tests, assessment centres, and then the final interview. Do obviously make a note of the different stages for each company you apply for as some may have specific ones!

For my interview with PwC, I travelled to the Sheffield office (where I am currently based) and had an interview with the Director.


PwC office by the Peace Gardens

I researched the firm as much as I could – placing emphasis on my business placement area which is Assurance. Reading through the job description and identifying the key skills they look for is important. Using the firm’s professional framework, I made a note of my understanding of each skill as well as provided an example for when I was able to demonstrate that skill.

For example, using the diagram below, I tied through Whole Leadership with my committee role for the university ultimate frisbee team where I was responsible for organising a tournament.

For technical capabilities, I mentioned team projects from ITMB courses like Big Data and Case Studies in Business Analysis, and Integrative Team Project. The advantage about these courses is that it is unlike a regular coursework as we had to meet up with employers as part of the project – and my interviewer was interested to hear about this! The Business Analysis project was an enjoyable one as we were tasked with a firm’s current situation/issues and how we would suggest they overcome this.

Global acumen is trickier one due to how broad it is. In short, global acumen relates to operating effectively in a dynamic environment as well as excelling in different working cultural boundaries.

Relationship skills tied through with my example above where I was involved in a lot of team projects in university. This is a key part of the ITMB course as quite a few of the modules involve working in teams.


Also don’t forget to make time to visit your friends back at university while you’re away on placement! It’s a nice change of scenery and one I always look forward to.



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