February 2017: Another beginning!


By Yashaswini Agarwal

February means we’re back on track for some serious work. The campus is bustling with students throughout the day, lectures have full attendance and society events are in full power. The major difference is that while in exam time, it is hard to find a good seat in the library, now it’s hard to find a seat in the café during lunch time. It is extremely vibrant and with the weather sparing us a little warmth and sun, it’s a win. Another highlight of this month, the latest Times Higher Education rankings were out; and Manchester has moved up 35 ranks to be the world’s 20th most international university! Way to go, Manchester!!

While mourning over the past semester, I am relieved that the new semester has finally begun. The feeling resonates to the one in school, where the smell of fresh paper emanating from new set of books develops curiosity and enthusiasm. Though I don’t have all of those now, but a new folder in my documents labelled ‘Semester 2’ is on similar lines. At least I am not exposed to paper cuts!

The start of the new semester couldn’t have been better without celebrating the Chinese New Year. Hosting one of the oldest and largest Chinese communities of the UK, Manchester welcomed the New Year grandly. From the luminous Terracotta Warriors to the fireworks, from the peppy parade to the food stalls, from the funfair rides to the live performances, the year of the rooster celebrations was nothing short of magnificent. It was my first time seeing the dragon parade. While swaying through the crowd the 175 foot long dragon was joined by many other performing artists like the lion, unicyclists, live drummers and ladies swirling colorful fabrics in the air.

While I was standing in the crowd and cheering the performers on stage, it struck to me that I dint understand the language and so the songs or the narrations don’t carry any meaning for me. It was purely through actions, expressions and colors that I was able to interpret and understand them. And I am guessing it would have been the same for many others attending, however everyone seems to be equally enjoying the vibe and festivity of the place. It took me back to really noble thought once shared with me, ‘Ultimately, we all smile in the same language’.

Parade Participants At Albert Square Spectators eagerly waiting for the procession Lion at the Parade The Mighty Dragon promises luck and happiness for the coming year.



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