Adventurous April


During the month of April, three words came to mind – adventurous, avalanche and active.

In terms of ‘adventurous’, I had the chance to participate in a leadership programme in Glasgow, Scotland with young members from across the Commonwealth. There were networking opportunities with senior leaders from the private, public and non-profit sectors. It was a great experience to use the skills and knowledge that I have developed thus far in the course.

Also, to add to the adventure, a friend from Australia came to visit as he is travelling through Asia and Europe with a group of school friends. He described Manchester as ‘an enthusing city to visit; an ideal location for any student to study at!’

Back in Manchester, the ‘avalanche’ of assignments were increasing and clashing. Two presentations and two reports, some students had 3 of each. An important tip for students is to manage the 3-week break efficiently by treating yourself to a break and being in control of the course work.  The course work was as enjoyable as in semester 1. Semester 2 is much more flexible and we had the chance to study optional modules tailored to our interests and career ambitions.

A big element of April was the client facing projects becoming ‘Active’ with applications getting under way. Interviews were taking place for various companies, mainly small to medium-sized enterprises; however, there were a couple of larger organisations that students applied for.

For much of the beginning of April and the previous 5 months, I was been in regular contact with companies trying to self-source a project. I needed to write my own proposal and get this agreed with both the school and organisation.

A major tip for students is that I highly recommend being in regular contact with companies that you want to work with and to regularly inform academic staff and the Postgraduate Careers Service. Both can provide very useful feedback, and if unsuccessful, you will still end up with great contacts. If successful, then congratulations!

In conclusion, April was full of adventures, an avalanche of assignments and the active aspect of applying for projects. Moving onto May, I am sure it will be a magnificent and motivating month.


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