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Time, and how quickly it has flown, seems to be a common theme throughout this year. What an adventure it has been! As my final blog post, it seems appropriate look back on the year and round up some best bits.

Reflecting back to the first few weeks, it is amazing how much myself and my course mates have grown from those early days until now. I remember handing in my very first formative essay for marking with a touch of fear. Could I still even write an essay?! Three years out of academia in the working world left me feeling a bit ‘rusty’ on academic skills. If I compare that, alongside a rather clumsy and embarrassing first visit to the library (thank you kind librarian!) to now, it feels a world away.

Having just received my final exam results, the course is now officially two thirds completed and I am very happy with the outcome! It has been a very tough year academically, but 100% worth every ounce of effort. I think we can all feel very proud of our achievements. I’m currently working on my dissertation, and am excited to embark on the research once I have perfected my interview schedule!

Outside of work, work, work, I also want to say what a wonderful year it has been in Manchester. I’ve spent it amongst a very special group of people and have made some wonderful friends who I am sure will be friends for life. It has been fascinating to learn about different cultures and countries. One early highlight was being invited to dinner by my friend and course mate. Around one table we represented Sweden, Cyprus, Greece, China and England and indulged in some wonderful home cooked Chinese food and brilliant conversation. Thank you Rodman! These occasions have continued, not as often as we’d have liked due to work commitments, but I truly hope we can continue them into the future!

The feast

The feast

More food and fun in the sun!

More food and fun in the sun!

Speaking of the future, I plan to stay up North and embark on my career in HR. I’ve made use of the Postgraduate Careers Service who were brilliant in helping me make my CV as impactful as possible. It’s well worth the trip even when you feel you’re too busy! Although there is no job lined up at the moment, it’s not a time to panic! I’m managing my time with the dissertation, the CIPD portfolio and job applications and am feeling positive that the skills I have developed from Alliance MBS will stand me in good stead.

For now it is time to say farewell to the blogging life. I’ve enjoyed sharing an insight into life at AMBS and The University of Manchester, and really hope you get as much from your experience as I have!

Best wishes and best of luck!




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