Programme for High Value Managers delegate profile: Gabriella Wilby


The Programme for High Value Managers at Manchester Business School is a two-week highly interactive programme for experienced managers who need to get to grips with the latest thinking on business and management.

We recently caught up with Gabriella Wilby, New Business Manager at Contra Vision, to find out about her experiences of the programme.

Name: Gabriella Wilby
Role: New Business Manager
Company: Contra Vision

How did you hear about the Programme for High Value Managers?
Being located in Manchester and being aware of the prestige of Manchester Business School, I searched for a suitable course to attend to further my education and career. Once on the website, I discovered the Programme for High Value Managers.

Why were you interested in the programme?
I was interested in the programme as it promised to deliver a wide overall understanding of many different areas of business, giving a great overall view of the areas in which our company could improve.

What did you enjoy the most?
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other delegates and bouncing different ideas back and forth on our issues and areas of excellence. It was a great experience, particularly for me as I am so new to my career, to see how others confront their issues at work as well as encourage members of their team.

How have you put your learnings into practice?
I have managed to integrate a lot of what I learnt on the programme into my working life. Whether that be forwarding information on, or helping to draw on situations to explain why we should change the way we go about doing things.

Would you recommend the programme to others?
I would definitely recommend this programme to others – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Both the members of staff and fellow course mates made me feel welcomed and encouraged me to voice my opinion. This course has not only given me more knowledge, but has given me the confidence to speak up when I feel it to be both necessary and valuable, as well as to continue my education in order to drive my career forward in the long-term.

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