Manchester – it’s been great!


Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last blog post so this will be a recap of what’s been happening since then. I have been busy with work since it’s my final year but I’ve also been trying to spend more time with friends and to go explore new places more to make the most out of uni before it ends! I will be writing about the places I’ve visited since the last blog post.



Right after the January exams, I went to Prague for a short trip. Prague was amazing and. I highly recommend a holiday in there, it’s affordable, historical and beautiful. The attractions I really enjoyed were Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the old town and the communist museum. Food wise, there was a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the old town called Terasa U Prince and Prague is home to Imperial Café, the 3rd most beautiful café in the world.

Peak district

Surprisingly, the weather was amazing one day towards the end of February so a friend and I decided to go for a hike in Edale, Peak District. Edale is one of my favourite hiking spots and it is only 40minutes away by train. One useful tip is that there is no phone reception in Edale so you will need a map. You can always ask the tourist information centre for one and the staff there are always very helpful in recommending which route you should go on depending on the difficulty and duration of the hike. Remember to layer up as well as it can get really chilly and windy the closer you get to the peak. There is also a pub near the train station which is perfect for a post hike pint!



I went to Edinburgh in March for a short trip but it was then when the best from the east hit the UK and I was actually stranded in Edinburgh! What was supposed to be a day trip turned into 4 and a lot of shops were closed, the buses weren’t running and snow was piling up everywhere. My friend and I bought a kid sized sled for 5 pounds and spent most of our time sliding down slopes covered in snow hahaha. We were so happy when the rail tracks were cleared and we could finally head back to Manchester after an “extended holiday”.


Easter break trip! I visited Stockholm, Sweden and Warsaw, Poland with a few of my friends. Stockholm was a really chill and slow paced country and quite pricey but it was beautiful. I think the Vasa Museum is a must visit while you are in Sweden, it is a maritime museum dedicated to the Vasa, a 17th century ship that sank on its maiden voyage. Because this ship was not destroyed, it was basically a time capsule and they were able to restore 99% of the ship from its original wood. Another interesting thing about Sweden was its subway stations! They had really interesting subway statin with different themes and you often see people posing with the different paintings on the walls of the subway stations.

My favourite out of the two city was Warsaw, Poland! It just had a really nice vibe and everyone was very friendly and helpful, there’s quite a lot happening and it was really affordable. You could easily get a good meal for under 10 pounds in a restaurant. We even got brunch at a really nice restaurant + a coffee/tea for 3 pounds! Our accommodation was only 40 pounds per night for the 5 of us. There was this really cool place called Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky where there was no drinks menu and the bartender tries to create a drink you like by having a conversation with you. Definitely try the polish dumplings as well! I’m so sorry all my recommendations tend to be food related but I am such a foodie.

After the trip, I’ve been catching up on work and working on my assignments. I’ve finally handed in my dissertation this week as well and it really hits me that this will be my last semester in the university. I’m really going to miss this place. Manchester has really become a second home to me and I can’t imagine leaving this place in 2 months. Lucky for me, I will be moving to Bristol and Manchester is not THAT far away compared to Malaysia. As you guys know, I completed a summer internship with PwC last summer and they offered me a graduate role in Bristol! I will be in assurance and completing my professional papers with them for the next 3 years. So I will be studying and working at the same time. For any of you who have questions about the application process or work environment in PwC, do not hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn / Facebook.

I can’t believe three years has just gone by like this and this would also be one of the last blog entries I’ll be writing. Studying in Manchester has been great and I loved every second of it.



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