June 2017: It’s summer time!


The month of May has shared with London its great weather and good spirit, making it more and more difficult for people to say no to that drink after work or that 10k run in the park.

As far as I am concerned, my month looked very similar to the previous one with a few extras added. For starters, I moved places in mid-May. Whilst still living in the same area, the building I currently reside in is right by the Northern bank of Thames. The view from the balcony does give the impression of living by the beach but is also a reminder of the fact that I am in London and even closer to its financial hubs (Canary Wharf and City of London). The picture below does much better than my wordy attempt to explain the beauty of it (thought at a lower quality than expected).

Canary Wharf and the Thames by night

Other than that, I have been spending my days studying and exploring London in the evening. Being on study leave for two weeks helped to get up to speed for the CFA Level I exam which I am sitting on the first Saturday of June whilst allowing me to also go out, meet my friends from Cambridge and Birmingham who have been each down in London for a couple of days, or simply go to the gym more often. Recommendation of the month in terms of restaurants: Mari Varna – lovely Russian restaurant taking you back in time and serving delicious Eastern European cuisine. Nonetheless, the stress of the exam is real.

@InnerPlace Networking Event

I can only think of what I am planning to do after: a trip to Romania and then on to the Netherlands plus more work to come and focus on… Indeed, I have another Banking qualification to prepare for and an exam to sit in autumn. More about these in my next article though.
Have an awesome sunny June!





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