Ethnographic studies network launches


A collaborative ethnographic studies research network was launched today at an event at Manchester Business School.

The network, which brings together experts in the fields of ethnography and organisation studies, aims to develop a distinctive approach to the ethnographic study of business and management and to explore what makes ethnography unique in terms of business impact. Longer term, the network is committed to the development of collaborative research projects that extend, develop and innovate with ethnographic practices.

At today’s event, MBS hosted international keynote speakers who are established leaders in their respective fields of ethnography and organisation studies – Professor Tony Watson of Nottingham University, Fabian Muniesa from ParisMines Tech, and Dr Alexandra Ouroussoff from Brunel University.

Network director, Dr Damian O’Doherty said: “Bringing these two disciplinary fields together in conversation creates the possibility for the development of a distinctive and novel research paradigm – or even post-paradigmatic study. I hope that the new network will attract and establish a group of colleagues interested in business and management ethnography who can work together to produce multi-sited and multi-national ethnographic research in the future.”

In addition to collaborative research, the network has established a two-year seminar program which includes guest speakers presenting their work in Manchester. Members are also keen to develop a Manchester Business School/Copenhagen Business School PhD exchange programme and are working to develop existing links with public and private sector organisations where future ethnograhic research might be conducted. Members are currenly working on a range of projects including extreme work, post-growth business prospecting of ethnogeomorophology in the Dee Estuary, and nuclear decommissioning. 

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