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The University of Manchester has been ranked as one of Europe’s leading centres for Operations Management (OM).

The study, by the International Journal of Operations & Production Management (IJOPM), ranked leading European authors, institutions and countries in the field, while also extensively mapping their networks.

In particular, it examined the co-authorship networks of European researchers based upon publication in what are regarded as the three leading OM journals – the Journal of Operations Management (JOM), the IJOPM, and the Production and Operations Management (POM).

Between 1998 and 2012 all papers published in the three journals that had one or more European author were identified. The data set comprised of a total of 788 papers, almost half of which came from UK researchers.

Among the top European authors by frequency of authorship was Paul Cousins, Professor of Operations Management at Manchester Business School, who was ranked third across the whole of Europe. Meanwhile, in terms of the top European institutions by frequency of papers carrying their affiliation in the authorship of papers, The University of Manchester ranked third.

Manchester also scored particularly well in terms of its connections with other institutions. For instance, it was ranked second – ahead of the University of Cambridge and London Business School – against a metric based upon those universities that have more connections to other institutions in the same network.

In terms of subject areas, the study found that European researchers have focused most on the area of supply chain management. It said this wasn’t surprising given that businesses continue to place increasing importance on managing and extracting greater value from their supply chains. Industries such as the automotive sector have received particular attention from academics.

Meanwhile, although increased globalisation and the role of emerging economies in OM practice has been a dominant theme for many years, the study found that actual engagement in joint academic research with institutions from around the world was still limited. It concluded that this created an opportunity for leading OM institutions to build more collaborative research relationships with emerging nations.

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