Jonatan Pinkse joins MBS


Manchester Business School has appointed Jonatan Pinkse as Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR).

Dutch-born Jonatan joins MBS from the Grenoble Ecole de Management in France where his area of expertise was strategy, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and where he was heading an energy team which looked at the impacts of climate change on the energy sector.

In Manchester Jonatan says his research will continue to look at the issues of sustainability and climate change from the company viewpoint. “I am particularly interested in what firms are directly doing in response to climate change, rather than from any policy perspective.”

Jonatan says the whole debate around climate change is raising lots of difficult questions for companies right now.

“For instance, if companies want to scale up their operations and employ more responsible business practices what does this actually mean in practice? Is it possible, say, to have full control over your supply chain? How can you ensure that your products have been made responsibly and ethically? Although companies might have worthy intentions, how do they actually go about delivering the right approach?”

Jonatan says one of the big issues is that green markets, such as renewable energy, are inherently unstable. “If you are not careful, sticking your neck out can actually go against you in terms of your bottom line, so companies have to be very careful about how they position themselves.”

Professor Jakob Edler, executive director of MIoIR, commented: “We are delighted to have Jonatan on board at MIoIR within MBS. His world-class expertise further strengthens our research, especially in the interface of strategic innovation management and responsible innovation.”


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