National Audit Office’s predictions on energy and water bill increases


Don Ward, Executive Director for MBS’ Centre for Infrastructure Development, comments on the National Audit Office’s predictions that energy and water bill increases are expected to last much longer, because of the need for infrastructure investment in alignment with the government’s national infrastructure plan.

Huge investment is required in these infrastructure systems to upgrade them suitable for the 21st century, current estimates of costs are inevitably provisional and will be based on the best current judgement of likely costs and industry trends. The challenge for the industry and its supply chains, therefore, is to deliver this level of improved outcomes but to speed up its rate of innovation and adoption of new practices in order to keep these costs at or below the future rates of inflation. With such a substantial pipeline of work laid out in front of them over the next 17 years it is reasonable to expect the industry and its supply chains to invest in such innovation with high confidence that workloads will be there to provide a more-than-satisfactory return


About Author

Don Ward is a key figure in the UK construction industry and Co-Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Development at Alliance Manchester Business School. His expertise is garnered from 27 years’ experience specialising in industry change, supply chain integration, collaborative working, benchmarking and sustainability. He is also an advisor to the Cabinet Office.

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