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Academics from Alliance MBS will present a ground-breaking BSI (British Standards Institute) Code of Practice for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at a major conference in Manchester next month.

Helge Hoel, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and Anne McBride, Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies, will be showcasing the new Code during the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) annual conference, on 9 November.

Last year the BSI launched the BS 76000 standard that says people are inherently valuable and are an organisation’s biggest asset. The standard provides a framework for any organisation to put processes in place that will help support that relationship. To facilitate the practical application of the standard, a set of Codes of Practice is being developed, with diversity and inclusion being the first.

Explains Professor Hoel: “The way in which an organisation values its people is at the heart of its success, and it is becoming increasingly recognised that a competent and principled approach to people management and development is essential for organisations of all sizes, types and sector.

“Valuing and embedding diversity and inclusion within organisations, and their relationships with customers, supply chain partners and the communities in which organisations are located, is an essential part of valuing people.

“Alliance MBS has been honoured to lead the development of this Code, which has been drafted by a panel of experts drawn from practitioners, policymakers and academics. The CIPD conference, which brings together influential thinkers and practitioners in HR and business, is a perfect platform for Anne and I to talk more widely about our work.”

The CIPD annual conference will look at the challenges of creating the standard and its implications for organisations and HR, as well as exploring why standards are important and the benefits they can bring.

The event, taking place in Manchester, will be chaired by CIPD President Cary Cooper, 50th anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology at Alliance MBS.

On the 9 November Cary will also be taking part in a conference debate on ‘making well-being work’, exploring why organisations have a responsibility for the well-being of their staff, and demonstrating the return on investment in well-being initiatives.

Visit the Alliance MBS team at stand D51 at the CIPD conference to find out how you and your organisation can benefit from our latest research and leadership programmes.


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