MBS Business Summit 2014: Disruptive Technologies


The quickening pace of technology has led us to crossroads which combine advancement with understanding. Disruptive technologies are changing industries, shaping new ones and ultimately leading to a new way of doing business. The FT MBA Class of 2015 is organising the Business Summit 2014, which will cover the most provocative areas of change spanning across multiple industries from technology to finance.

The aim of the conference is to boost awareness, foster creativity, allow like-minded individuals to network and ultimately create new synergistic relationships amongst delegates. The speakers will be both pioneers in new fields and experts in traditional industries. By bringing together the old with the new, it the summit will provide a holistic perspective as to on how disruptive technologies are changing industries through a combination of panels and workshops. Areas to be covered include: wearable technology, smart energy, the future of manufacturing, big data analytics, advanced healthcare and innovative start-ups. 

Date: Thursday 2 October 2014
Location: The Palace Hotel, Manchester, United Kingdom
Duration: 9:00am – 4:30pm


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