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Amplify Online Trading Boot Camp 2020

Each year, Amplify Trading run a Trading Boot Camp for all Alliance MBS students studying MSc Accounting, MSc Accounting and Finance, MSc Finance and MSc Quantitative Finance.

Will de Lucy, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Amplify Trading discusses what the experience involves and how their team delivered the training online this year >>

The trading simulations offered by Amplify provide students with an experience of real-world trading by rotating them through roles in finance, gives them the opportunity to engage with contemporary financial markets through performance data, and enables them to apply their classroom theory in practice. The experience is extremely valuable for students’ CVs and valuable in helping students experience the realities of trading as a career.

Amplify Trading is a global financial trading and training firm that offers training to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, such as the Bank of China. They have developed specialist software that enables students to experience a live trading floor and two experienced traders delivered the 5-day training.

Engaging in live breaking news, economic data and geopolitical events, students were able to apply their understanding, technical expertise and risk management practises in trading different asset classes.

We spoke to two students who took part in the event:

Weiwei Guo, MSc Quantitative Finance

“I know more details of what exactly working in the financial industry looks like after the boot camp. The most useful skill I developed is making decisions (long or short) quickly according to specific news events. I also learned about analysing the long-term effect of some specific events and to be patient. These skills are definitely transferable for my future work.”

Ying Wu, MSc Quantitative Finance

“I have learnt IPO, how investment banking works, how hedge fund managers work, how to trade stocks, currencies and so on. We were also shown how to prepare a proper CV.

“I think these skills are useful for me. I know more about practical financial knowledge, which will be helpful if I’m going to work in the relevant area.

Hear about the 2019 Amplify Trading BootCamp experience (YouTube) >> 

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