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Alfie Balsdon, BSc (Hons) International Business, Finance and Economics student, about his experience working with The Tutor Trust

We spoke to Alfie Balsdon, BSc (Hons) International Business, Finance and Economics student, about his experience working with The Tutor Trust, a unique charity which aims to tackle inequality by supplying schools with university students, who act as academic tutors to disadvantaged pupils.

The University of Manchester was involved from the Trust’s inception, and many of the charity’s tutors in Manchester are students from the University.

The Tutor Trust‘s mission is to 'transform lives through tuition' by making sure every child who needs some additional academic support can access a great tutor. 

How did you get involved with The Tutor Trust?

“I heard about the Tutor Trust when I was in my first year.  They had a stand at the Careers’ Fair and I found out more information that way. I always wanted to do some tutoring and it seemed like a good way to give something back to the community.”

What year groups do you work with?

“I primarily work with Secondary School GCSE maths students which ranges from year 9 to year 11. They do primary school tutoring so there are many different opportunities.”

Where does the tuition take place?

“For me, the tuition would normally take place in the schools. The Tutor Trust contact schools who might need assistance and you go into the schools allocated to you. Different schools allot different time slots. For example at one school I was at, the tutoring occurred straight after their break, taking the place of a sport lesson.”

How much time do you spend tutoring?

“During a typical week, I allocate around 2 hours tutoring with The Tutor Trust. There is always a slot available – it is even better if you can drive around Manchester. With the amount of schools on the scheme, I can always fit tutoring around my own studies.”

Did you have tutoring experience before this?

“I didn’t have any experience of tutoring before this opportunity. They have regular training days and CPD events that are really helpful. Everything that you could possibly encounter whilst tutoring they cover in the training sessions. The staff are really helpful too.”

What advice do you have to other students considering volunteering with The Tutor Trust?

“It’s one of the best opportunities you can get to do voluntary work. I would really recommend you give it a try!”

For more information about the Tutor Trust and to become a tutor, visit

Encouraging our students to engage with charities like The Tutor Trust is part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility at Alliance Manchester Business School. Find out about our other initiatives here.

Watch the full interview with Alfie below: