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A guide to the Alliance MBS Postgraduate Careers Service

  • Thursday, February 27, 2020
  • Masters

We recently spoke to Sara Russell, Senior Careers Consultant at the Alliance MBS Postgraduate Careers Service, to find out about the services they provide to master's students.

How do you prepare students for the graduate jobs market?

We have a variety of presentations, workshops and one-to-one support that help you to explore what you have to offer the job market and how to articulate this in your personal branding. We also look at how to research roles, organisations and sectors so that you can make an informed choice and develop a strategy for applying.

Is there online support available?

Our short webinars are an excellent way to develop job search skills such as CV writing and interview tips. These are presented live online, with a Q&A session at the end of each one. They are recorded and can be accessed through our dedicated careers portal at a later stage. We also have Facebook and Instagram pages where we post event reminders, share articles and video content.

Do any companies visit the School to speak to master's students?

We work closely with The University of Manchester Careers Service to advertise any relevant on-campus activities with organisations. The start of the first semester is busy with many companies targeting University of Manchester students, so we try to highlight the most relevant sessions for you.

What opportunities are there for students to meet potential employers on campus?

There are many opportunities. The University of Manchester Career Fairs are a fantastic chance to meet a range of companies in one day - one is business focused and the other is science and technology focused.  Individual campus visits from companies offer dedicated recruitment information and offer skill or insight sessions that can help your job search. There are also opportunities to meet Alumni at the many 'Meet the Professionals' networking events.

We compile a weekly email highlighting all school and campus careers activities.

Do you have any other useful tips for potential masters students?

As an MSc student, you have the benefit of two careers services who work very closely together - the Alliance MBS Postgraduate Careers Service and The University of Manchester Careers Service. My tip would be to take advantage of both. Each has a wealth of knowledge, workshops and advice for you to access. There is also the opportunity to take part in the Brathay residential session in the Lake District at the start of your course. This session explores the value of team working and is a great way to meet your classmates and develop valuable skills for both your master's and your career.

Tips from a graduate…

Maria Valerio Ganzalez, who studied MSc International Business and Management, said:

“It is very important to start correcting your CV and LinkedIn profile as soon as possible so you have them ready when you find a job you like. Some students want to go for graduate schemes which are very competitive and require a lot of effort. Therefore, in order to obtain a place, it is often recommended to start the application process as early as October or November. Although it seems quite complicated to get accepted onto one, if that is what you want then it is worth working your way through it.”

“Personally, I have decided to apply direct to jobs, which usually has to be done around April-June. A great place to look at your options are the career fairs. The University organises several during the school year and is a great opportunity to meet employers and obtain information about companies.”

She also went to the AMBS Postgraduate Careers Service for several one-to-one sessions to get guidance on her CV, LinkedIn and cover letters, as well as general discussions on career paths.

“All the meetings were super helpful; they not only helped me get a better understanding of how the job application process works, even more, given the fact that I am here on a tier 4 visa, they provided me with all the information regarding the process and the different requirements I have to look for when applying to a job in the UK.”


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