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My experience with the careers service

The University of Manchester provides an exclusive service to postgraduate students about everything career-related. Through the Alliance Business School career services, seminars, 1-2-1 appointments, and platforms accesses are offered to students.

I have asked for several 1-2-1 appointments; in the first ones I was looking for guidance regarding what to do next with my future career life. Here, they help you and explain to you all the options you can have. In the following meetings, I went in to have my CV reviewed; they helped me create a LinkedIn profile and a general CV, which I can adapt according to each position I want to apply for. Later on, they helped me tailor my CV and cover letter to specific jobs. All the meetings were super helpful; they not only helped me get a better understanding of how the job application process works, even more, given the fact that I am here on a tier 4 visa, they provided me with all the information regarding the process and the different requirements I have to look for when applying to a job in the UK.

The seminars are also very valuable; since experts as speakers are often brought to talk about different topics. Additionally, different online resources available to students, such as webinars about a wide range of things, from creating your CV to applying to jobs internationally, as well as several guides; like personal brand, storytelling, networking, among others. One of the things that I have liked the most is having access to other platforms that help me improve my job-seeking skills, my favourite platform gives you access to practising tests, similar to those you have to do when applying for jobs. This platform offers different tests, such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, work style personality, situational judgement, etc; where they have several stages and give you a graph with your evolution.

I have realised that it is very important to start correcting your CV and LinkedIn profile as soon as possible to have them ready when you find a job you like. Some students want to go for graduate schemes ( Graduate Schemes are very competitive and require a lot of effort, therefore, in order to do obtain a place, it is often recommended to start the applying process as early as October-November. Although it seems quite complicated to get accepted in one, if that is what you want then it is worth working your way through it.

Personally, I have decided to apply to direct jobs, this usually has to be done around April-June. A great place to look at your options are the career fairs. The University organises several during the school year and is a great opportunity to meet employers and obtain information about companies.