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7 ways an MBA can help your career

It’s time to take the next step in your career, but which move is right for you? An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, at Alliance MBS is a popular choice because of its flexibility and emphasis on practical business and management skills. Here are seven ways an MBA can help you advance professionally.

  1. Become a generalist

    While most postgraduate education is focused on creating experts in narrow fields, the MBA is a completely different story. The focus is on becoming a confident generalist, who can take on senior roles anywhere your career leads you. Leah Petr, a current full-time MBA student put it perfectly: “I’ve always been a jack of all trades so an MBA is another step further, not narrowing my focus but actually expanding it.”

  2. Networking opportunities

    During your degree, you will have the chance to learn from and meet some of the brightest stars in the business world. Your classmates too will become important contacts as you progress through the MBA and your career. “Over a year and a half, I've had the opportunity to meet people from every continent. It has been a very good networking opportunity for me,” said Mustafa Ammar, a current Global MBA candidate.

  3. Diversify your work experience

    To be an effective senior manager, you need a broad range of experiences under your belt and full-time MBA graduates at AMBS leave with 3-4 new companies on their CVs. Internships and consultancies built into the programme provide a range of challenging on-the-ground experiences. There are also ample opportunities to study overseas and immerse yourself in new cultures at our global centres. According to Rob Pearson, a current Global MBA you get to see “what it’s like at rush hour in Singapore, how Dubai negotiates and teaches. These are skills that you don’t pick up unless you are working or studying in the global centres.”

  4. A truly global degree

    Your MBA will be recognised across the globe, making you an attractive hire for a wide range of industries and companies. According to our latest employment report, over a quarter of Alliance MBS full-time MBAs changed role, country and industry after completing their degree. An MBA will give you the flexibility to chase your dreams wherever they take you. With 90 nationalities represented in our 2020 MBA cohort, you will also have the opportunity to expand your horizons by working and learning alongside a diverse group of candidates.

  5. Expert support for your career

    An MBA programme will provide you with career support during and after your degree. Extra-curricular events, like business competitions and networking opportunities, will also help you develop your skills and expand your professional connections. Chris Garnett, Head of Postgraduate Careers & Employability at Alliance MBS explains, “MBAs receive career support throughout their academic journey at AMBS. Our dedicated team of Senior Careers Consultants will get to know you personally and you will have unlimited access to 1:1 support from the team, plus weekly sessions and a range of online materials. In addition, through our external-facing activities we bring a wide range of recruiters and opportunities to campus, and we can facilitate meetings with our alumni across the globe.”

  6. Increased income

    It’s not guaranteed, but it’s true that one of the benefits of an MBA is the salary that comes with it. In the latest Financial Times survey, Alliance MBS MBAs averaged a 102% salary increase three years after graduating.*

  7. Confidence

    An MBA is a great way to build your confidence and give you credibility as you advance your career. You will learn to take structured and data-informed approaches to decision making, so you can be sure you have the tools to steer yourself through any situation and step up to senior roles.

    * Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2019

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