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We have graduated!

This blog is to tribute to all my classmates in MSc Accounting and our programme director Sofia Yasmin.

This is a tough year for all of us. Graduate courses are very tight and demanding. It was the first time we read so extensively, the first time we had such intense exams.

We spent many nights trying to get high marks in exams and assignments. The students are not stingy to help each other. Our Programme Director Sofia also actively helped us to solve various academic and life difficulties. Hybrid teaching puts a lot of pressure on the university. When students encounter difficulties that cannot be solved by themselves, Sofia will actively communicate with the school and try their best to help us. She is so kind and patient, and we can not have had such a wonderful year without her. Due to the impact of covid, some of our classmates have to stay in China, and some of our classmates are in the UK but the trip to come back home is difficult. But the distance didn't make our feelings sour.

It is also a year full of happy memories. We not only remember the difficulty of postgraduate study and life, but also the hard work every night, the joy of getting a high score, and the happiness of fighting side by side with classmates. We are classmates, but also friends, comrades and family! I remember that everyone cherished each other from not knowing each other to now. And I sincerely appreciate every support I’ve gained from you.

As a student representative, I held several events and tried to create opportunities for my classmates to get to know each other. On June 17, we took a graduation photo with Sofia, which was the happiest time of the year for me. I will always remember the day when the sun was shining brightly, we were together, everyone had smiles and hope on their faces, and I hope we will always remember the happiness of that time. A year is so short that it ends before we have time to react, and a year is so long that it takes us a lifetime to reminisce.

Students of the 2021-2022 MSc Accounting, I wish you all shine in your respective fields, and we will meet at a higher level.

Yitong Zhang celebrating graduating with her cohort outside the Alliance Manchester Business School

Yitong Zhang celebrating graduating with her cohort outside the University of Manchester

Yitong Zhang celebrating graduating with her cohort standing formally outside the University of Manchester