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Studying the Global MBA as a qualified accountant

My career began with Wincanton PLC, the largest UK based logistics company, working on several of their accounts across different locations. I had this job as I was working through my qualification. Following on from this I moved to XPO Logistics who are a large US listed business, I was Head of Finance for XPO’s UK division, which later became GXO Logistics.

My career journey

Currently, I work as the Finance Director of Boughey Distribution. Boughey primarily service the ambient food industry, offering warehousing, consolidation and onward transportation into the major retailers’ distribution networks. I joined the company in March 2022, and I am part of a great board of directors and collectively we have ambitious growth plans for the business over the next few years.

After finishing my CIMA (Chartered institute of Management Accounts) exams in 2011 I never thought I would go on to do any further formal education. During the first lockdown back in 2020 I took some time to reflect on my career and what I wanted to be doing next. At this point in my career, I was already one of XPO’s 7 Heads of Finance in the UK, who are all very strong financial and commercial professionals. I wanted something that was going to set me apart from everyone and help me continue to progress. I did some research and decided I wanted to broaden my skillset and study an MBA. At this stage in my career a full-time programme wouldn’t have worked so part-time was the only one I really considered.

Why Alliance Manchester Business School

My reason for choosing Alliance Manchester Business School is because the school and the programme itself rate highly in the rankings. I also like the idea of having options to study in different centres around the world and work with people from different backgrounds and cultures while at workshops in Manchester. Of course, there was the added factor that I am currently living just outside of Manchester, in Wigan, so having a world class business school on your doorstep is always a bonus.  

The decision to study an MBA

I think an MBA broadens your skills and takes you outside of your comfort zone in many ways, which is why I believe other professional and fully qualified accountants should consider embarking on this journey. I believe many accountants working in industry will already have a relatively holistic view on businesses, but I have found that the MBA taught me new concepts whilst also adding academic theory and context to things I already know. Having only ever worked in logistics I have also really taken a lot from working in groups with people from different industries and sectors. I have done the Finance Accelerated route, so this has also allowed me to take a shorter programme with the core finance module in the first year.

The Global MBA so far

So far on the programme I have done one elective, Strategic Commercial Management, commercial responsibility is something I have had in my professional life without having any formal training. I am really enjoying the elective so far and it will definitely be useful in my career going forward. I have two further electives to choose for next semester and several appeal to me at this stage. I am looking forward to the briefing sessions where I can learn more about each of them from the professors who take the courses.

The MBA has added value to my current working life so far. I have changed job roles and company since studying the MBA and I think it helped me to secure my current role, it demonstrated my ambition to continue in my personal development. My main goal on completing the MBA is to continue with my professional development. I am currently looking into the chartered qualification the Institute of Directors offer. As I’m in my first statutory director role I think this would complement my existing experience and skillset.  

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