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My GEMBA experience so far

I am Ugo Maronilli from Italy, but have lived in the UK for nearly 20 years. I currently work as a technical and commercial director for a precision component manufacturer. I have been working in the automotive sector since 2018. Prior to this role, I was working in engineering management roles for a turbocharger manufacturer in the passenger car industry, oil and gas and aerospace industry.

My journey began as an engineer, however as I have progressed throughout my career, I have held more managerial and strategical positions. I am now involved in commercial and business management. Through my various roles, I have learnt business and management skills, but I am now looking to support my learning through work with formal education. I want to broaden my skillset and improve my critical thinking and leadership. With the pandemic forcing me to work from home, it has freed up time where I would have previously been communing or doing other activities, so there was no better time than now to embark on my Global Executive MBA.  

I chose Alliance Manchester Business School as it is one of the most prestigious business schools in the UK and renowned globally. I liked the idea of the blended teaching methods as it suited my learning preferences. I was also drawn to the hands-on practical experience of the assignments.

My reasons for choosing the Global Executive MBA programme over the Global Part-time MBA was because I knew the cohort would be made up of accomplished professionals from a range of industries who are of similar age and experience. I also like that I have the opportunity to stay with my cohort for the duration of the programme, travelling to the different centres giving me a more focused networking experience.

For me the purpose of an MBA is that it is a transformational experience. I am looking to challenge myself and understand what sort of leader I can be. I look forward to working with my cohort and learning from them as well as from the academics in lectures. In the short-term I am looking to discover myself as a leader from my MBA teachings. I want to increase my self-awareness of business and people management. I am looking to expand my role within my company and help shape its success.

I started my Global Executive MBA experience in January 2022, and it has been intense. I had no real measure about how challenging it might be, but I found myself fully immersed. It was a real struggle to keep on top of work and calling home to speak with family was rare due to the impending assignments. Although my personal life hit the back seat during this week it has been amazing meeting my cohort and working with them. It was great being introduced to Leading and Managing in a Global Environment and The Reflective Executive topics that kick started the critical thinking and the transformation process.

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