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Life back on campus at AMBS

Welcome all to my blog! My name is Mark Stevenson, and I am fortunate to be studying BSc International Business, Finance and Economics at AMBS! I decided to study at AMBS due its strong reputation in business circles and after attending the open day, I was taken back by the AMBS building and its facilities!

My experience studying BSc (Hons) International Business, Finance and Economics!

Like all other university students, my first year of study was different due to the impact of COVID-19. However, The University of Manchester still provided a great learning experience with a seamless transition to online learning via Zoom.

In my first year of study, I have significantly developed my financial and business acumen. In Financial Reporting, I developed my understanding of interpreting and conducting ratio analysis on financial statements. I also particularly enjoyed the module: Financial and Digital Innovations in International Business. Here, I learnt about the financialization of the economy including a fantastic insight into the impact of commercial banks on the economy.

I am now entering my second year of study. A great benefit of my course is that it allows me to choose 70 credits of my second-year modules, therefore, tailoring my studies to my interests and future career path. I have chosen to study modules such as Investment Analysis, Financial Markets & Institutions and Financial Statement Analysis. I can’t wait to study these modules on-campus as face-to-face teaching resumes!

Opportunities at AMBS!

There is also a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their skillset outside of studies. This year I have become a Peer Mentor, Student Ambassador and Peer Assisted Session Leader. The opportunities provided will allow me to develop soft skills, for example communication and presentation skills, therefore, preparing me for my future career!

Furthermore, students can get involved in whole range of sports at The University of Manchester. AMBS has its own football and rugby team to get involved in! Personally, I have chosen to play hockey this year and I am looking forward to the season ahead!

I hope you enjoyed this small insight into life at AMBS!