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I'm back Manchester!

Hi everyone, I am Yitong Zhang. I come from Guangzhou, China. I took my undergraduate in the UK. I really enjoyed my life here. After taking a gap year, I am officially back! Now, I major in MSc Accounting at AMBS. I love dancing ballet and travelling around.

I have spent almost a month in Manchester last year before I came back to my home. I remembered this beautiful city, the warm-hearted people and no mention of our university. Before I left, I have told myself that I must come back. And now I am back!

The moment I landed, my memory flooded back. Everything looks so familiar to me and I am so grateful that I could stay here again. I walked around our university, seeing those elegant buildings and being proud of becoming a student at the University of Manchester.

After my ten-day self-isolation, I’m back in the class. I have met very inspiring professors and outstanding classmates. I am deeply affected by the studying atmosphere. Every student is not stingy to help other students. And professors are very patient and happy to answer our questions. Our AMBS community offers all kinds of supports to us and provides us with the best experience. In here, it’s my second home.

Postgraduate study is quite different from my undergraduate. It’s very intense and stressful. Every course has a long reading list and I have done my best to read as much as I can. At first, I didn’t get used to it. Every time I feel exhausted, I talked with my professors to seek help, and they encouraged me and gave me a lot of advice. Gradually, I found out the beauty of reading and I began embracing reading. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help when you need it.

In class, the professors are very enthusiastic. They interact with us and guide me to think rather than just sit and listen. This atmosphere has pushed me to study harder. I think this is the charm of studying at the top university that I feel the power of knowledge. And my classmates are amazing. They always have brilliant ideas and they are always staying positive. I feel so lucky to have such people around me.

I came here alone. Sometimes I would feel lonely. I am sure it happens to many international students and students who are far away from home. My suggestion is to try to endure even enjoy loneliness. Because it gives you the chance to reflect on yourself. You may face some difficulties now. Although I cannot tell you exactly what to do, I can tell you what not to do: give up, do not give up, do not give in to mediocrity.

And for those students who want to get into our university, I would like to say that studying at a top university is not easy but is definitely worth it. Be prepared and try to do well in every course you study now. Don't be satisfied with the status quo, but dare to surpass yourself. And apply as early as you can, the place is limited and there are a lot of excellent students.

Overall, I don’t whether I can stay in here after I graduate, I just want to enjoy this moment.